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Muay thai encouragement fights in Turkey 2

On 22nd of September the second of the muay thai encouragement fights have been realized again in Istanbul ... This time ,the interest level was higher and 5 gyms participated ... There were about 300 spectators in this event ...this was an event for the rebirth of muay thai again in turkey and bring it to the level of where it was at from 1990 to 1997...

12 fights took place ( european rules / no elbows to the face...), the trainers ercan gürgöze (boran gym) and hayrullah camadan (camadan gym) came to the

conclusion that some fights were in quality better and some were not so when compared to the first show.However, the most good, pleasant thing is that there is an improving interest and this is encouraging the trainers to realize again galas in short time...(between 1990-1997 there have been at least 3 big galas have been realized..however, after the establishment of amateur kick boxing activities ,there have been prohibitions, restrictions which have slowed the muay thai activities a lot...
Among 12 fights 5 were advanced 3 x 3 min bouts, the rest 3 x 2 min...

Fighters Süleyman gayretli (Boran gym/ 54 kgs / ko 2nd round), Emin (Camadan gym/clear points ), Kasim Öztürk (Boran gym / 75 kgs/ ko 2nd round) were the stars of the day and looked promising for the future ...

Trainers of the Boran and Camadan gyms are very happy about the organization and hopeful about the future and believe that muaythai has a much brighter future than kickboxing, full contact as has always happened everywhere in the world in the past ...


Attempts for Governemental Amateur Muay Thai Federation in Turkey  

Attempts in accordance with the establishment of a governmental muay thai federation have been accelerated in turkey...especialy groups in the the mersin area (south –east of turkey) are showing strong performance in this direction and the frame of such a planned federation has been already presented to the official coordinates ...in case of establishment of such a federation the correspondant place would be “iamtf” and the backbone of the rules & regime would be taken from “iamtf” ,as well...

The leading pioneers (Ercan Gürgöze & Hayrullah Camadan) (from Istanbul) are expressing their comments in the below frame:

“Frankly saying, we have been anxious and thoughtful in the primary promotional steps for “amateur muay thai “... May be also that we are still thinking in the same way to some extent...however, the picture is going to be much clearer by time and it seems so that amateur section has been proven itself in the first round well...we are not so much conservative , but let’s imagine in the way : you have been dealing over 20 years with a discipline (no head gears, no protections, longer rounds etc) and one day a new thing has been presented in a contradictionary way (headguards, shinguards, safety, short rounds etc)...slowly we came to the opinion that amateur section is also necessary for the promotion ...however, as told it is still early and the promotion of amateur section needs still some time for total self proof...currently ,we are not against and would like also to support any of amateur activities in this concern. We will do also..”

Muaythai Shows Return in Turkey

On 15.06.2002 "the turkish muay thai encouragement fights" were realized...this was an event to support and encourage the people involved in in muaythai in Turkey...however, some kickboxing (low kicks) fights took place as well ...(in minority, due to the request of some clubs...)

the results:

- "süleyman gayretli (56 kgs / boran gym) vs fatih korkmaz (64 kgs /camadan gym)"
muay thai (no elbows to the face...)

(despite the weight disadvantage süleyman won by points with clear decision)

-hasan öztürk (70 kgs / boran gym) vs emin isik ( 70 kgs / camadan gym) "
muay thai (no elbows to the face...)

(emin won by points due to his efforts in the last round..fighters hadn't big advantage eachothers due to the intensive clinches and neck wrestling...)

-kasim öztürk (74 kgs / boran gym) vs mehmet sivasli (73 kgs / europromotion)
kickboxing (low kicks)

(kasim won by clear decision with points, mehmet was counted twice to 8...)

-murat çetinkaya (86 kgs / boran gym) vs adem körük (85 kgs / camadan gym)
muay thai (no elbows to the face...)

(adem won due to the some effort in the last rounds...)

These were the fights (for encouraging and restart) after an interruption in muay thai galas/ fights more than 4 years in turkey and we hope that the quantity will increase!


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